Expect Confidence Boost From Cosmetic Surgery

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There is a simple fact that many have understood to be true for some time, but only now do we have hard data to back it up: Cosmetic surgery in New Jersey boosts the self-confidence of those who get it, and that self-confidence boost results in more happiness and an improved life.

That isn’t just idle talk. It is based on hard data.

A European study released last year shows that among nearly 1,800 people – some who chose cosmetic surgery, some who considered it but backed out, and some who did not consider it at all – those who opted for cosmetic surgery experienced a boost in their self-confidence. These elevated levels of self-confidence resulted in more happiness in life.

The results were not temporary, either. According to the study, a year after either choosing to go through with surgery or choosing not to, those who chose surgery “felt healthier, were less anxious, had developed more self-esteem and found the operated body feature in particular, but also their body as a whole, more attractive.”

We’re seeing more and more of this each year. In fact, the Dermatology Online Journal also recently cited several studies that show a boost in confidence and quality of life levels following cosmetic surgery.

The University of Surrey’s Susan Thorpe, who has been involved in cosmetic surgery research, noted that “most people are motivated to undergo cosmetic surgery because of body-image dissatisfaction.” Correct that dissatisfaction and the result is a happier person.

According to The Aesthetic Surgery Journal, a whopping 87% of those who elected to have cosmetic surgery felt happier and more confident. The result? A better life.

The numbers are clear. For those who desire cosmetic surgery, the results prove to be life-altering for the better.

For information on cosmetic surgery in New Jersey, be sure to follow Allure Plastic Surgery Center on Facebook.

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CoolSculpting Can Create A New You!

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We all want to look better. Right now, with a summer full of beaches and swimsuits ahead, many of us are especially conscious of how we look. We see some room for improvement, but all our dieting and exercise don’t seem to be making a dent in those last bits of stubborn fat.

That’s where CoolSculpting comes in.

CoolSculpting is a procedure that can eliminate those pesky muffin tops and love handles without surgery. That’s right, no surgery. And Dr. Taylor and the staff of Allure Plastic Surgery Center are pleased to offer it.

CoolSculpting targets fat cells and fat cells only, working in a way that leaves surrounding cells untouched – something laser treatments and surgery can’t boast. CoolSculpting literally cools and freezes fat cells underneath the skin, leaving your other cells intact. We use no knives or needles, and the procedure leaves no scars. It’s completely non –invasive. Your fat cells are killed and then are naturally eliminated from your body.

It’s that easy.

Even better? CoolSculpting treatments are typically less than an hour and generally require no down time, meaning you can get back to living your life right away, even on the very same day as treatment.

CoolSculpting is FDA-approved, and the procedure is so easy many people read a book or take a nap during it. And as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and regular exercise, the results are permanent! The fat cells we eliminate will truly be eliminated.

If you think you might be a candidate for CoolSculpting, contact Dr. Taylor today for a consultation. You can also stay up to date on the latest CoolSculpting news by following us on Facebook.

Isn’t it time you met the new you?

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Get Your Skin Ready For Summer!

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Spring is here, and summer is right around the corner. You’ll want to look your best, but the hot, humid, sunny days of summer require special attention if you want your skin to glow with life both today and for years to come.

If you want to enjoy great skin care in New Jersey, start with these basic tips:

  • Going into the warmer weather, exfoliate and moisturize. The winter leaves your skin dry and flaky, so be prepared to ease your skin into the warmer months. By the time summer gets here, your skin will be ready.
  • When going to the beach, don’t be afraid to use sunscreen with a high SPF of 30 or more, and be sure to use water resistant sunscreen. You’ll be able to stay longer while minimizing burn risk.
  • Consider semi-regular skin peels! These can rejuvenate your skin, keeping you looking healthy and fresh.
  • Find oil-free sunscreen whenever possible to maintain healthy pores and to prevent breakouts.
  • You can actually “pre-load” sunscreen prior to a beach vacation. Apply sunscreen each night for two weeks prior to your vacation. It will build in your stratum corneum, making you less likely to burn.
  • Consider facial mists, which replenish minerals vital to healthy looking skin.
  • Exfoliate more often. Your pores are larger, more open, and thus more noticeable during hot, humid weather. An extra exfoliation session each week will help counteract this.

With these simple tips, you’ll be looking great this summer! And if you’d like a little extra help, possibly cosmetic surgery in New Jersey, just find us on Facebook. We even have a full skin care center at the Jersey Shore!

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A Facial Peel Can Work Wonders For Your Appearance

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You see them on TV and in the movies and they look so relaxing, but facial peels in New Jersey are about more than mere relaxation. They can also contribute to a rejuvenated, youthful appearance, especially during the winter months when your skin looks tired.

This knowledge is not new, either. Because how we feel about ourselves can contribute to how we feel overall, peels have long been desired by those who need a boost. Chemical peels are among the oldest cosmetic procedures known to mankind, dating back to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians.

The benefits of skin peels are many. They include:

Smoother Skin. By cleansing the face of dead skin cells, your skin can look fresher, smoother, and more vibrant.

Reduce Wrinkles. Peels can penetrate to deep skin layers and promote cell turnover, which in turn can impact the look of minor wrinkles, giving them a more youthful appearance.

Improve Acne & Scars. Acting in much the same way as they do on wrinkles, deep peels can help improve acne scarring and reduce acne, clearing away dead skin cells and reducing blemishes.

Reverse Sun Damage. Targeted peels can help reduce damage from the sun, reducing fine lines and increasing your skin’s natural luminosity.

Nourish Facial Skin. Certain peels can invigorate your skin to restore vitality, decrease oil production, and provide a more supple skin texture.

If you think you might be a candidate for a facial peel, contact the staff of Allure Plastic Surgery to schedule an appointment today.

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Hair Colors That Will Shine In Spring!

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It may not feel like it with all this snow we’ve been getting, but spring is just a few weeks away – and that’s always a good time to start thinking about a new look! In addition to procedures like Juvederm in New Jersey, a change in the color of your hair, even a minor one, can be just what you need to embrace the warmer weather. In fact, a minor change rather than a dramatic one may be exactly what you need!

But what to choose? The first thing to do is to throw out what’s trending and instead go for what will enhance your natural color, skin tone and complexion. Here’s what you need to know:

For redheads, bold red hair looks great in the spring when it is toned down to a straw orange. The softer colors work great in the warmer weather, especially when paired with pale but colorful spring fashions, while still allowing your natural red hair to stand out from the crowd.

For blondes, a colorful accent can really jazz up your look for the spring. Consider a streak of pink, red, or mauve highlights, especially on the underside of the hair. You just need a few streaks; keep the rest of your hair blonde. You’re not changing your color, you’re just adding an accessory to your already formidable arsenal!

Women with light hair don’t have to have all the fun. Dark haired women can add hints of chestnut or caramel to their hair for a fresher, more vibrant look in the spring. Don’t look for vibrant brass or copper or red colors. Instead, go for lighter, Earthy highlights that add a sense of open space and “air” to your dark hair.

The beautiful thing about changes like this is that they are subtle, not drastic, yet will still have a dramatic impact on your look. For more ways to enhance your look for the spring and summer, contact Allure Plastic Surgery Center, or follow us on Facebook.

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Tips for a Romantic Valentine’s Day

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If you celebrate Valentine’s Day, you probably want it to be as memorable and special as possible. Sometimes it can be difficult to think of new and exciting romantic ideas, especially if you have spent many Valentine’s Days together. But have no fear, the staff here at Allure Plastic Surgery Center some great tips for a romantic Valentine’s Day!

  • Create your own Valentine’s Day card! Whether you make it on your computer, or get crafty, you can write a poem or an expression of love that expresses your personality and relationship perfectly.
  • Make a scrapbook filled with favorite photographs, love letters, keepsakes from special occasions, and cherished mementos. Whether you’re making this for a husband, boyfriend or wife or girlfriend, this is a special gift sure to be appreciated and cherished.
  • Make your loved one a CD of your favorite songs as a couple including love songs that you both enjoy listening to even if they aren’t necessarily “your songs.” You can also buy a collection of romantic CDs, classic romantic movies or books and present them all together in a red ribbon.
  • Jewelry is always a classic Valentine’s Day gift. Necklaces or earrings are great choices for women and for your man, a good choice is the classic sterling silver ID bracelet or cuff links with his name or initials custom-engraved.
  • Place one silk flower in a bouquet of flowers. On the card say something like “I will love you until the last flower wilts.”
  • Prepare a candlelight dinner for your special someone. If you both enjoy dessert, make chocolate fondue! It’s fun, romantic and easy to make!
  • Give the sports fan in your life a personalized gift for a favorite hobby such as personalized golf or tennis balls that say, “I love you,” “You’re a hit!” or “Be mine.”
  • Spend time alone together. If you are both busy, or have children, chances are you probably don’t get a lot of quality alone time!

This Valentine’s Day is sure to be one you will never forget if you take the time to consider your special someone when you celebrate. “Like” us on Facebook to stay up to date on ways to stay beautiful and keep the romance alive!

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Be Healthy and STAY Healthy

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Looking and feeling great is about a combination of things. Part of that is feeling good about your body and the way you look. Another part is feeling healthy. Life gets busy, and it’s often too easy to forget that we have to treat our bodies well in order to achieve balance in life. Lack of sleep, nutrition and exercise can lead to a road of ailments, stress and even depression. To gain a better grasp of what it means to be healthy and lead a balanced life – which is very important if you want to be unleash the confident, successful person inside – here are some tips to achieving wellness.

  • Sleep – a vital part of being healthy, you should aim for 8 to 9 hours of sleep per night. It takes at least 8 hours of sleep to recharge your body. While you might feel rested enough on 6 hours of sleep, your body is not getting the actual rest that it needs. Some suggest that getting more than 9 hours of sleep is not beneficial, so keep between 8 and 9 hours to feel rested.
  • Water – Drinking water is also vital to health. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day will help to keep your skin and organs healthy. It’s easy to grab the soda or juice with lunch, but there’s usually always water available. To make it even easier on yourself, buy a reusable water bottle and carry it with you so you always have water on hand.
  • Food – Eat more whole foods. Whole foods consist of whole nutrients and are processed. Incorporate fresh vegetables, fruit and whole grains in your diet. Strive to eat organically to avoid chemicals. Chemicals that are used as preservatives make you tired and slow your body down.
  • Exercise – Get moving every day. It is suggested to keep your heart and body healthy, that you exercise at least 30 minutes per day. These 30 minutes should consist of your target heart rate which varies depending on your age, weight and activity purpose. So, if it takes 10 minutes to reach your target heart rate, you should continue at the rate for another 30 minutes followed by a cool down.

For more great tips and ideas on how to feel your best, which – along with treatments by Dr. Taylor and his staff – will help you LOOK and BE your best, be sure to follow Allure Plastic Surgery Center on Facebook.

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New Year’s Resolutions for Diet and Exercise

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It’s almost New Year’s Eve and you know what that means! It’s time to start making your New Year’s Resolutions for 2014! Have you been trying to eat healthier or get back in shape? The New Year is the perfect time to make a resolution to yourself and work hard at keeping it. We know how important it is to be healthy — we work with people every day who struggle with it — so we’re sharing some New Year’s Resolutions for diet and exercise this year!

Making resolutions for the New Year is a great way to get off to a good start. Make 2014 your year for change with some of these helpful New Year’s Resolutions!

  • I will adjust my attitude this year. Getting healthy is a lifestyle change and something that you want, it shouldn’t feel forced or like a punishment.
  • I will exercise for __ minutes, __ times per week. Make a promise to yourself that you can stick to; don’t resolve to work out for 2 hours a day, 7 days a week if you can’t.
  • I will change my eating habits. You can eat more if you choose healthier foods!
  • I will go slow. Don’t start something huge and make a complete change because you are more likely to feel deprived and get discouraged.
  • I will drink more water. Water is filling and healthy!
  • I will choose more colorful fruits and veggies. The more colorful the produce, the healthier it is!
  • I will not eat out of boredom or because I am feeling emotional. Do something else with your hands, chew gum or brush your teeth to distract yourself.
  • I will make changes with a buddy! Getting healthy with a buddy will encourage you to work harder.
  • I will focus on the positive rather than the negative. When you see how far you’ve come rather than how much farther you have to go you’ll be more encouraged.
  • I will quit smoking! This will not only help your body to get healthier, but quitting will make it easier to exercise as well!
  • I will keep a food journal. Keeping a food journal will help you to see what your bad habits are so you can change them.

It is tradition to make New Year’s Resolutions each year, but do you follow through with them? 2014 is the year to make changes to a healthier you! Make your resolutions something that you can look back on next December and be proud of what you’ve done!

And don’t forget, ‘Like’ us on Facebook for more information on how we can help you feel beautiful!

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Get ready, Juvéderm VOLUMA Is Coming!

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In the weeks and months ahead, a new treatment will become available that will allow you to get the fuller, more youthful look you could only get before with a facelift. And the good news? You’ll be able to achieve that look WITHOUT having a facelift!

We’re excited to tell you that Dr. Taylor and his staff will be among the first cosmetic surgeons in the region offering this exciting new treatment!

So what is this amazing treatment we’re talking about? It’s Juvéderm VOLUMA.

Juvéderm VOLUMA is an amazing injectable that has enjoyed great success in Europe and Canada. Previously unavailable in North America, this groundbreaking treatment has recently been approved for use here by the FDA.

Juvéderm VOLUMA can help give you the appearance of a facelift WITHOUT surgery. A prime candidate for these treatments will have age-related sagging or fat loss, or post-facelift sagging. These treatments help restore volume and fullness to your face with a few simple, long-lasting injections.  One reason why these treatments are so popular is the fact that the results are immediate. Even better is that they are very natural looking, bringing back the youthful volume to your cheeks, cheekbones, and chin that is so desirable.

VOLUMA is another part of the well-respected Juvéderm family of treatments. Products like Juvéderm ULTRA can offer  excellent results when it comes to addressing fine lines and wrinkles, but VOLUMA was specially designed to push things a few steps further by addressing the more difficult issue of facial volume and fullness. And there is no recovery time! You can go from your treatments right back to your social life.

These treatments will become available in the days ahead, so be sure to follow our Facebook for the big news!

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What Is A Face Lift?

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We’ve all heard the term “face lift,” but what is a face lift, exactly?

Throughout your life gravity, sun exposure, and the stresses of daily life take their toll on your skin. Deep creases appear beside your mouth, your jaw line slackens, and folds and fat deposits can appear on your neck. This is normal. This is simply part of the aging process. It is also something face lifts can help slow and reverse.

Facelifts decrease these problems by removing fat and tightening skin and muscles, giving your face a fresher, youthful look. After surgery, some patients appear 10 to 15 years younger. Although results of a facelift do not last forever, in another sense, the effects are permanent; years later, your face will continue to look better than if you had never had the procedure.

Dr. Taylor performs the latest innovative facelift technique, learned from masters of facelift surgery. One procedure, for example, is known as the “lift and fill” facelift. Plastic Surgeons have made significant advances in understanding the complexity of facial anatomy and how the face ages.

At one time, surgeons simply pulled and lifted the skin, but as we age our face loses volume. That is why it is essential to restore the volume and not simply pull and lift the skin. With this in mind, Dr. Taylor harvests fat from another area of the body (usually the hips or thighs) and transfers it to specific areas of the face that have lost volume, including as the deep malar fat pads (the area between the lower eyelids and nose), the prejowl sulcus (puppet lines) and the nasolabial folds (laugh lines).

In addition, special attention is given to the neck during a facelift procedure.  The end result is a very natural appearing face and neck with restored volume and smooth contours.  Most importantly, this technique offers natural looking results which is the key to successful cosmetic surgery.

Face lifts are not the only way to retain a youthful look. If you like the idea of staying youthful but aren’t sure about surgery, Dr. Taylor also performs a variety of non-surgical procedures including Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, Restylane and Radiesse and Sculptra Aesthetic.

Sculptra Aesthetic and Radiesse are primarily used to restore lost volume while other injectable treatments fill or smooth lines and wrinkles.
Allure Plastic Surgery Center can help get you the youthful look you’ve wanted whether you choose a face lift or non-surgical procedure. For more information about our services and our specials, “Like” us on Facebook!

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